Confederate Reconstruction

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What were the different approaches to the Reconstruction of the Confederate states?
In 1863, President Lincoln set forth a Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction, which allowed the reunification of the rebellious Confederates to the Union if a small portion (10 percent) of them pledged their commitment and loyalty to the Union and more importantly the constitution. Once Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, Andrew Johnson assumed the presidency and adopted similar plans to Lincoln. Johnson took out the ten percent plan and in order for a state to rejoin they need to accept the thirteenth amendment, which formally and directly abolished the practice of slavery. Some radical republicans stated that the Confederates had in fact left
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Grant was president. The main problems in politics were economic. There was a great struggle in the type of currency used and spread throughout the nation. Greenbacks or money made out of paper(the kind we use today) caused inflation around $432 million worth of greenbacks were retired from circulation, but the agricultural farmers and debtors favored this type of currency. Some people wanted specie or hard-money instead of greenbacks because they will always retain value. Another difficulty was that Grant had some fraudulent associates in his administration. Also, numerous scandals involving gold, the intercontinental railroad, and whiskey all flourished an example includes the Credit Mobilier of America. Another issue not involving economics was the Ku Klux Klan since they committed horrendous and violent crimes against republicans and exclusively blacks.

Why did Reconstruction end in 1877?
By 1876, the majority of the Confederate states had already successfully finished their revival so there was no decisive need to continue to push onward. Also, the Compromise of 1877 formally defined the end of the Reconstruction Era and forced President Rutherford B. Haynes to remove all troops from South Carolina and Louisiana.

What arguments is the author making in this
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The United States displayed that they were willing to help and wanted to reunite the country. The South reentered and this too caused many issues especially black oppression.

50 word summary. Remember, this is not a list of topics covered in the chapter, but a brief analytical summary that places these events in the larger context of American history.
The Civil War may have been extremely important, but the response marked a pivotal time. Most northerners were graciously willing to allow Southerners to reunite if they abided by the constitution. Even though, this caused many economical and societal problems it was fundamental to America’s core principals and

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