Recommendations For A Big Data Essay

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Recommendations for You in Big Data

Introduction Amazon has a well-known feature that utilizes customer buying habits to help predict what other similar customers would like to purchase [9]. This marketing technique 's success originates from its use of Big Data analytics. Many companies and organizations keep difficult to understand “repositories of information [15].” Companies that have incorporated Big Data into their infrastructure have seen tremendous success because Big Data predicts behaviors and trends [9]. Collecting data is not anything new, but using Big Data to analyze data and make intelligent decisions is still a new topic, and with any new topic there are concerns including security, privacy, and improper use of Big Data.
What is Big Data? The National Institute of Standards and Technology defines Big Data as data which: “exceed(s) the capacity or capability of current or conventional methods and systems [2].” This definition basically means that the amount of data is larger than certain systems can handle. In Big Data, as described by [7], “the importance… doesn’t revolve around how much data you have, but what you do with it. [7].” A clearer definition of Big Data would be the analysis of large data sets to find patterns and trends.
When describing Big Data, [17] elaborates that “the 3 V’s: Volume, Variety, and Velocity [17]” have been used before but have since expanded up to “seven V’s, including Viscosity, Virality, Veracity, and Value [17].” In the…

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