Reasons Why Safety Training Programs Essay

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The construction industry continues to grow and even though there has been improvement in workplace safety, there is still a significant amount of accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities in the industry that could have been prevented. According to the United States Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration (n.d.), statistics show construction site falls as the leading cause of death and fall protection as the most cited violation in the industry. The top four causes of construction related deaths were responsible for more than half (58.7%) of the construction worker deaths i n 2013. It is important to identify the reasons why safety training programs are not being developed and implemented in order to prevent injuries and deaths. Regulations and safety equipment are being developed and implemented after the fact, but how can these be used in a more proactive manner to continue to decrease the number of fatalities? Prevention techniques have been developed and proven in order to deter falls and keep workers safe from injury or death if fall protection devises are used (Wallace, 2010). One might question if those working in the construction industry feel that OSHA regulations are too stringent and hinder companies from implementing proper safety programs and provide proper training to employees. Companies that fail to develop and implement safety programs, provide adequate training, even though it is required by OSHA, are taking a huge risk.…

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