Argumentative Essay: Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

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“Only my dogs will not betray me.” (Maria Callas). Dogs have been around for a very long time, since the beginning of mankind. They have been existing since 13000 B.C. in Central Asia. Before, humans feared these wolves, until they figured out that they ate their leftover foods that drew insects and protected them from the wild. Dogs descended from wolves and slowly evolved into the modern dog, for example, a tiny Chihuahua to a huge great dane. On the other hand, cats also have been around for a long time like dogs. Before, in the ancient times, cats were first found in Egypt around 2310 B.C. Egyptians worshipped cats, used cats to control vermin, and caught insects to help preserve their owner 's food. Dogs are better than cats. There are …show more content…
One example is when dogs go on a walk they won’t leave their owner 's side. When dogs and their owners take a walk, some owners let their dogs off leash because they know that they can trust their dogs to be by their side and not run away. Dogs learn to always be near their owners and not to run away. Dogs don’t want to be parted from their owners. Dogs know that if they ran away, they will be separated by their owner, leaving the dog to know not to run away. On the other hand, Cats don’t always stay with their owner. All you have to do is put a cat door and they will go out whenever they want and can decide to just walk off. Cats don 't care that the owner cares about them and will run away when they want. Cats have a lot of freedom in the world and take advantage of it. They will go wherever they please and won’t notice that they are going somewhere far away. They wouldn’t think about their owner and instead act upon their curiosity. This worries a lot of cat owners because they know the cat can run off at any time and run away. Another reason that dogs are more loyal is when their is lost or injured. Dogs won’t leave their owners side. For example, if a dog is hiking and the owner slips and falls. The dog won’t leave the owner 's side and try to help them with all they can. Dogs won’t abandon their owners and will try to attract people that can help their owner. Dogs will lead the people towards their person. Dogs will bark at the other people and try to get their attention and lead the people towards their hurt owner. If the dog can’t get a hold of people, the dog will stay by their owners side until someone rescues them. Some dogs are even trained to call 911 for any emergencies that they come across. On the other hand, cats will not be loyal. If a cat owner goes on a hike, it’s an automatic no for the cat. Cats don’t like taking walks. Even if there was an owner that needed help in

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