Reasons For Preventing The Voting Age Essay

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Turning sixteen symbolizes freedom for most teenagers, because they are finally able to get their license and drive without supervision, a new movement is trying to add another type of freedom to that important birthday-- the freedom to vote their conscience in local and national elections nationwide. In 1971 The voting age was lowered to eighteen in the twenty-sixth amendment because of a double standard that was taking place with eighteen nineteen and twenty-year-olds giving up their lives for a country whose government they had no say in. Today, over forty-five years after the twenty-sixth amendment was passed, a similar injustice is taking place with sixteen and seventeen-year-olds, being treated as adults sometimes and children other times. Lowering the voting age to sixteen will help build habits of active citizenship, ensure that younger taxpayers have representation in their government, and acknowledge that the average sixteen or seventeen-year-old has a mental capacity on par with those already legally of voting age. Giving sixteen and seventeen-year-olds an opportunity to vote will not only encourage them to vote when they are teenagers but it will also help them build habits of active citizenship to last them the rest of their lives.
It is commonly known that the earlier a habit is started the longer it lasts, and because of this we try to prevent teenagers from forming bad habits, let’s try to use this fact to our advantage by forming good habits, such as voting,…

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