Essay on Realism, Imagination, And Emotion

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According to the article titled “Romanticism and Its Relation to Landscape Photography & Painting”, romanticism was an art form that rejected classicalism and focused on nature, imagination and emotion (1) . Therefore, this started a new way of thinking and created a new type of art. It crossed between music, painting, photography and many other art forms. Landscape photography was popular at this time, therefore, romantic landscapes were common. The landscapes focused on the beauty of nature and included a lot of running water and vast forests (Hirsch 42) . One photographer that comes to mind is Ansel Adams . He focused on the beauty of the world and captured that in his photos. His photographs did not include people, cars, or other man-made items that would take away from the scenery. In other words, romantic photographers, and artists, would focus on the beauty of the world and can make it appear as if everything is perfect. The artists romanticize their subject. It doesn’t necessarily mean the photographer is lying, they are just choosing to focus on one aspect in the world, which is pleasant subjects.
This relates to today because there are still romantic photographers. In fact, according to the previously mentioned article, there are many romantic photography competitions. One example is the FIER Institute who have a theme of romantic landscapes (3) . This shows that even though we are not in the “romantic area” there are still photographers that shoot…

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