F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'An Excerpt From Autobio'

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Scrambling off the boat luffy and zoro jump on the floating restaurant as tobio gets scolded by his grandpa sitting on luffy 's other side you grab a plate and start to eat, hearing the word underlings you turn and give tobio your deadliest glare "were not your underlings kid" he shrinks away from you in fear his grandpa laughs turning in our direction noticing we were eating his food he yelled "hey don 't eat without my permission!" luffy and zoro stopped at the same time while you had your mouth opened food half way to your mouth he finally let you eat after he got behind the table crying tears of joy they both shout "delicious" "I’ve never had such good oden, your grandpa 's cooking is the best in the world" luffy said between mouth fulls of food lets see if you …show more content…
zoro questions while distracted luffy takes a few bites of zoro 's food "ahh that was mine" grabbing luffy 's neck he slammed him to the floor "you bastered I 'll kill you" taking a deep breath you exhale patting your stomach you thanked tobio 's grandpa for the meal tobio ignored everything around him while he talked about woonan zoro stopped fighting when tobio 's grandpa gave him more food he jumped on it like a starving dog leaving luffy on the floor "also he only stole gold from evil men if you’re not evil then he won 't steal from you he 's a very proud pirate" toboi rambled on this comment caught luffy 's attention " then he should be pretty strong right" I thought he was just a legend" you said innocently you must have hit a nerve because the kid went off on you grabbing him by the collar you brought him close to your face "be careful who you yell at kid some people are less forgiving" you said darkly letting him go you smiled letting a giggle escape it was fun playing the bad ass character after that toboi stayed arm’s length away from you which you were fine with sure you liked kids but that didn 't mean you liked all of them luffy sat back up "alright, I 'm going to meet this woonan guy

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