Ray Bradbury 's Fahrenheit 451 Essay

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Truth is the the greatest insult to any civilization, yet almost every society strives for it. Honesty is something that people claim they wish for, yet when it’s told people get upset and deny it. The society in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 novel, takes place in a futuristic dystopia that relies on technology and lies. People obsess over parlor walls, huge flat screen televisions, isolating themselves from the world around them. The fake realities and stories played on the screen create a dishonest society in which the citizens are manipulated into not reading, thinking, or being exposed to truth. Forcing them to watch the lies happening on the screens. The only time truth is revealed is when the screen is off and all that can be seen is the reflection of one on the screen. In Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, mirrors express truth in a dishonest society; however, most civilians refuse to acknowledge the truth, making their idea of it merely an illusion. Bradbury uses technology to create dishonesty and lies; thus Millie only realizes her society is untruthful when the technology is turned off. After Montag escapes from his society, he hears that war will be happening soon. Montag was fearing for his wife, Mille; imagining her seeing her reflection for the first time. He “saw or felt the walls go dark in Millie’s face, heard her screaming, because in the millionth part of time left, she saw her own face reflected there, in a mirror…., and it was such a wildly empty…

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