Rap And Hip Hop Influence On Children Essay

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Imagine having something that meant something significant. Something that meant something to a large group of people. Something that has been a longstanding part of a culture. Then that thing was given a negative connotation seemingly out of nowhere. This thing could have helped someone through hard times, something that spoke to them or something that has significance in their lives. This is something that people who are fans of rap and hip-hop have to face on a regular basis. In somewhat recent times people have given this genre of music a bad reputation and placed blame on it for many things, the most prominent of which is it’s vulgar lyrics having a bad influence on children. Rap lyrics do not have a negative effect on kids, but is rather a positive art form used for many good things. Rap and hip hop keeps kids and people in general off of the streets. It gives kids growing up in bad areas something positive and constructive to do instead of resorting to potentially illegal activities and acts. In Los Angeles, local producer Patrick Huang, also known as his stage name “DJ Phatrick”, guides an after school program for high school students in which they produce and generate their own digital beats that they can use on their own albums or live shows. By using hip hop, they are able to lure at-risk kids in and away from the trouble of the streets and get them to do something positive and something they enjoy. In this program they also teach the kids to work with what…

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