Rama Is The Best Choice Essay

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Rama is the human embodiment of Vishnu, one branch of the trinity that makes up one “Supreme God.” The purpose of this character in the Ramayana is to vanquish the evil that has bombarded the world; this book characterizes Rama as “a savior” (Narayan 13). When deciding who to appoint as his successor, King Dasaratha concludes that Rama is the best choice because he surpasses all, being “the embodiment of perfection” (Narayan 14). Evidently, Rama cares deeply for all people, displaying no signs of partiality, but rather “has the same consideration for everyone” (Narayan 14). As a result, his subjects cared deeply for Rama, declaring that they “lack nothing” under his and Dasaratha’s rule (Narayan 6). This entirely perfect man serves as a model for one’s ideal conduct in society, establishing a certain order. This character undergoes a fairly quick transformation within the first few chapters, illustrating a few points in the typical hero’s journey. Typically, when a hero is “called” there is a rejection from the hero to take action. However, in this story, it is not Rama who refuses to embark on his journey, but his father. In this section, his father is uncertain of his son’s capabilities, calling him “a striping” who is “too young and tender to contend with demons” (Narayan 9). Later, it is revealed that the true nature of his worry stems from a fear of separation from his son (Narayan 10). While on his journey, Rama is aided in his first task by a sage (Narayan 13), and…

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