Essay about Ralph Waldo Emerson And The American Renaissance

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Often overlooked, the American Renaissance was a critical period in the development of characteristic American literary traditions. The American Renaissance was the fundamental shift that gave rise to great nationalistic literary works by patriotic writers. The newly emerging country desperately sought artistic expressions of nationalism and reform to alleviate the widespread sense of vulnerability that had spread after the Revolutionary War. Ralph Waldo Emerson was among the many authors that influenced and directly sparked the American literary Renaissance in the nineteenth century. The Norton Anthology of American Literature delves into the life of Emerson and the influences that inspired his philosophical and aesthetic works, such as Self Reliance. Ralph Waldo Emerson was born in the early nineteenth century into a Unitarian family. He graduated from Harvard and went on to study theology; thereafter, becoming a Unitarian pastor. He began growing skeptical of Christianity as the direct word of God and instead developed interest in Christianity from a historical perspective. After the early death of his wife, Emerson renounced his position as pastor and began his European tour with well-known writers. After his European tour, Emerson began presenting his idealist philosophy through his abstract writing. Emerson encouraged readers to become self-reliant in their ideas and to actively pursue the interpretation of new meanings. Emerson strongly believed in the…

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