Essay about Ralph Ellison 's Invisible Man

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Groups Analyzed in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man

Superiority of groups, whether in race, gender, or financial situation can be seen in Invisible Man. As displayed with Bledsoe and many members of the Brotherhood, the rich and powerful are placed above those who are poor in the social rank. Women, as displayed though Emma, Sybil, and Mary, are either sexual objects or maids for the men in the novel.

White supremacy is also a reoccurring theme, despite the Brotherhood’s best effort to eliminate it and promote equality. Ellison’s Invisible Man examines the superiority of rich to poor, men to women, and whites to blacks in the 1930’s society; it takes place in through quotations of the narrator and other characters.

Characters such as Bledsoe and Brotherhood members are given superiority to those below them due to their wealth. During a fight, a man from the crowd yelled, “I got my money on the big boy” (Ellison 25). Rich individuals in the time the novel takes place in pay to see African Americans fight and bet on who will win, much like fighting animals. The wealthy in this situation are seated comfortably in their chairs, drinking, and leisurely betting on people fighting. Meanwhile, the people in need for money are in the fight. The wealthy do not have to be beat up to get money such as the poor in this situation do. Later, on page 143, Dr. Bledsoe explains that he would rather hang every African American in the country before he would give up his position as President…

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