Raising A Child : A Positive Environment Essay examples

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Raising a Child: In a Positive Environment
As we all can contrast your child’s primary educator come into existence from the household. It establishes from the child first words to first steps they are watching everything their parent do in front of them. It is very essential to lay the foundation down from the first day to have a good background the child is living in. Also, the way you are raising your child can affect their adolescence in a positive or negative way (Firk, Dahmen, Herpertz-Dahlmann, & et al, 2015). Being the child shining example you have to take in heed what you say and how to act around your child. Children are being impacted in an abusive and neglecting environment every day. There is much reason that a child can be living in negative conditions. It originates from the child’s parents, childhood most times. For example, on the assumption that the parents were experiencing the same abusive treatments will show the same behavior towards their children. A lot of children lived in an abusive environment do not seek the help they need to overcome it and learned to move on from it without letting it affect their child life. A person absolutely has to be physically and emotionally stable to be a good example of a child’s life. This is a person biggest responsibility and a job once they become a little one wellspring.
Distinguishing Between Child Abuse & Neglect Parents need to be educated that child abuse can come into being all kinds of ways. There are…

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