Rain Of Gold By Victor Villasenor Essay

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For our Multicultural Curriculum Project, we will be working with the book, Rain of Gold. Over a three-week span we will be working with 9-12 grade high school students, ages raging from 14-18. The book titled, Rain of Gold, written by Victor Villaseñor, tells the story of two different families during the 1910 Mexican Revolution. The author references three generations and their migrations between Mexico and the United States. It represents a detailed account of life in Mexico and California during the early 1900s. The book is based upon many hours of interviews he had with his parents and relatives. It mostly takes place in the Inland Empire; Corona, Hemet, Lake Elsinore and Temecula are among the settings of the 552 page book. Villasenor begins the story with a strong focus on Lupe Gomez, who is six years old, and her family. She grows up in a quiet village in north central Mexico. Her surroundings are beautiful forests and natural beauty. Villasenor adds conflict to this picture when the revolution affects the inhabitants ' way of life. The revolutionaries burn homes and rape the women, forcing Lupe 's mother to migrate to the United States. After book 3, Villasenor injects another main character and storyline into the plot, Juan Salvador Villasenor. Lupe meets Juan Salvador Villasenor in California. His family was forced to leave Mexico as well. Both families face racism and peril in a foreign land. By the end of the book, Villasenor marries the two characters. The…

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