Raga Malkauns: Roles Of Music In The Indian Classical Music System

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Abstract—In Indian classical music system Raga is a combination of notes which is able to create pleasing effect. There are various ragas in Hindustani classical music. Here we consider the raga Malkauns which is a popular raga in north Indian music system. Raga Malkauns is used in music therapy predominantly as it is meditative raga and observed to affect the soul. Here the spectral parameters of raga Malkauns are compared with the raga Bhairav and tried to see its impact on blood pressure.

Keywords—Spectral parameters, Raga, Music therapy


Music is now playing an increasing role in several different areas. It has been observed that Music has a great impact on Psychological, emotional, neurologic, and cardiovascular
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seven musical notes represents the Indian Classical music. The ‘saptak’ or the seven notes are ‘Shadja’, ‘Rishab’, ‘Gandhar’, ‘Madhyam’, ‘Pancham’, ‘Dhaivat’ and ‘Nishad’ forms the characteristics of Indian Classical music. The ‘vikrit swaras’ or the altered notes which are five intermediate notes are present along with the above notes. In Indian classical music the ‘Tala’ represents the rhythm and the Raga represents the melody when we compare it with western music …show more content…
Raga is capable of generating a particular mood and emotion in a performance. A raga is used to generate a unique musical composition. Composition and improvement can be done with the raga as a basis. Raga can be thought of as a backbone of Hindustani classical music. It is created by following certain set of rules which is necessary to maintain the integrity of the raga.
The ‘swaras’, set of notes or scale, forms the characteristics which is used to distinguish different ragas. The parameters of swaras like their relative strength, duration, manner in which they are arranged, ornamentation and hierarchy are helpful in classifying between different ragas. All the classical Indian concerts are based upon some of the particular raga. The structure of the raga consists of ‘Thaat’ which is the sequence of notes, the ascending order of notes which is called ‘Arohanam’ and descending order of notes called ‘Avrohanam’ , ‘Jaatis’ which is the classification of notes. It also contains a characteristic phrase. This phrase is generally called as a ‘pakad’. The Hindustani rags have a timing associated with it i.e. time of the day at which that particular raga should be

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