Racism Paper

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Aaron Riehle
March 30, 2011
Racism Paper
Prof. Thompson

Racism is the systematic oppression and exploitation of human beings on the basis of their belonging to a particular racial group or people. “Systematic” indicates that we must look at the status of the group as a whole, and not at those few individuals who may have climbed a “ladder of success” in the white society. The word “systematic” also connotes practices and policies which are pervasive, regardless of whether they are intentional or unintentional. Racism is different from individual prejudice because it requires the possession of genuine power in a society. So racism is not merely prejudice, but prejudice with power. Once a colonial system is established historically,
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It implies that whites or males as a group are now victims of the same discriminatory policies and practices visited upon people of color and women. It is designed to continue the protection of white male club privilege by the method of projection-that is, projecting white male institutional discrimination practices onto the few minorities and women who gain entrance to any resource pool. The myth of objectivity is belonging to what is external to the mind: hence, containing no trace of the writer’s own feelings or individuality. Traditionally, the researcher has been viewed as one who is objective, unmoved by bias. Bias was seen as something that could affect the subjects of research but not the researchers. While this has long been a common belief, it just is not true. It doesn’t exist; it is a convenient myth that keeps people from-examining the role that the researcher’s attitudes and beliefs can play in research.

Color blindness is an emphasis among white people, it has very frequently been a way of denying race and subsequently denying racism. If one doesn't have to think about color or race one doesn't have to think about racism. If there is no color there can be only individual acts of wrongdoing, or prejudice; there can be no systematic, historic, conscious or unconscious, constant oppression because of color. Being color blind is like telling a people of color that the affirmation of their color is now unimportant. To be "color-blind"

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