Racism Is The Most Influential Form Of Discrimination Essay

1381 Words Dec 15th, 2016 6 Pages
Today in society discrimination has been a huge problem, racism has been and is the most influential form of discrimination today. The minorities group in this case, African American and even hispanics are exposed to many horrible things like being untreated, and look down upon because of the color of their skin. In this case discrimination is defined as being treated differently/ negatively for no reason. It’s very frustrating and sad to see that up until this day, in a country where people are supposed to have “freedom” some people in a way are not. These minorities are manipulated and in a way controlled. Other people create a belief that they are different or that they are not capable of doing what for example a white person can do. Also they are judged and criticized. In my opinion the minority group are mentally and emotionally abuse.
Many have question is America really getting more racist or are people just paying too much attention to racism? However in my opinion racism is still very alive today, this is something millions of people experience every day and we have no control of it. There are million of examples I can list on here as to why it is still occurring today, and in a way it is getting a little out of hand. In the news today I have seen a couple of incidents where muslim females are being psychically, mentally, and emotionally abused because what they wear on their heads. They are pushed around and called terrorist because where they come from, they…

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