Essay on Racism Is Present, Larry Alonso

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Racism Is Present, Larry Alonso.

Biography: Larry Alonso is a student currently studying alongside at St Mary 's College Toowoomba, he has a very unique mind and is astonishing in the production of poetry

Racism is present, racism is there.
Racism surrounds us, it 's like a disease.
Floating among us, up in the air.
Racism is wrong, we know it 's unfair.
So why don 't we stand up and show that we care.

It 's in our community, we know it exists.
It 's time we prevent it, show courage and support
This is the right path, follow it we should
It 's time to make a difference and end it for good.
Why can 't we all just sympathise for alternate cultures.

Is that to hard, we can brighten our future.
Enlighten our days, aren 't we all equal.
Are hearts are the same, if you disagree.
Then that is a shame, but if we are alike
We all have potential.

Thus, we are strong.
Let 's all join as a team, and help support.
We know this is wrong.

SUBJECT In the poem "Racism is Everywhere" by Francis Duggan, he explains how there is essentially not an end to racism as it will always exist, this is due to the fact people of a different background feel superior leading them to discriminate. The context of the poem supports the interpretation of the facts. Close scrutiny reveals that this poem gives the individual who is reading it a feeling of abhorrence knowing racism is generally global and we all witness it every day in our normal lifetimes. On balance the weight of evidence…

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