Racism In Negros, By Langston Hughes

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Langston Hughes’ poem “Negros” is about black people and how they helped build culture in America. Non poc have always used poc to do the work they didn 't want to and they always took up for it. Even though poc were oppressed and treated as 2nd class citizens they still didn 't give up they did everything they can to still bring joy to whatever situation they were in. This poem was written during Harlem Renaissance, time period where poc poets, artists, and musicians, make their work of art to represent the racial pride. And that 's all this poem is depicting the pride poc had and still will have no matter what.

Today everyone sees in the media that someone is being racist whether it be a presidential candidate or an artist. Thinking of
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Recently these two performed at two different famous events, one at the super bowl and one at the Emmys. Both did powerful performances about their poc, what they are proud of. They are trying to empower and encourage poc and keep them prideful. But the people of the US, the non poc, saw it as them trying to be racist or even boycotting police officers. Certain police offices have been using their power against people, poc’s in particular, so if that was the case there is nothing wrong with that. As an artist they have the right to express how they feel, and as a human you have the right to express how you feel. On the other hand these two major events for the US did take place in February, which is black history month. Which is what these performances are empowering and I the midst of. So people that are trying to contradict them and say that they are being racist or whatever they are wrong they are empowering their fan base, just like Hughes was trying to empower his fan base in that time period. Different time period same close minded people. Racism now and racism then is the same just not as prevalent, the culture shock of what poc should be doing and what non poc should be doing is still very

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