Racism, Discrimination, And Discrimination Essay

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I went to this museum exhibit a couple weeks ago about segregation, racism, and discrimination. I bet you would have hated it. I saw thirty-five photos of horrible things that had happened throughout the years. Three of them stood out to me: (1) a young Black man hanging from a tree, (2) an insulting poster about biracial people, and (3) a board game dehumanizing Native Americans.
I came across a picture of a boy, someone not much younger than I am now, dead and hanging from a tree. The plaque below the picture read that Michael Donald, a young Black man, was attacked and hung from a tree by two KKK members who were angry about “a jury’s acquittal of Josephus Anderson, a Black man accused of murdering a White police officer” (THEM: Images of Separation). The two KKK members retaliated and murdered Michael Donald purely because he was a black person.
I was immediately reminded of the paper I wrote for my social justice class about police brutality and racial profiling against Blacks. In the past few years there have been cases of violence against Whites by Blacks and it usually receives more attention than Whites treating Blacks horribly. 2015 changed that when videos went viral showing hundreds of cases of White cops using unnecessary force on and even killing unarmed Black people.
In cases like this, I think of the poster hanging on the wall above my bed. It is full of Nelson Mandela quotes, but the one that I love the most goes:
"No one is born hating another person…

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