Racism And The Way We Live As A Society Essay

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Throughout our history, racism has impacted the way we live as a society. Everyday people are involved in traumatizing events or issues that affect the way they live. These issues include: social, economic, and cultural prejudice, and stereotyping. Racial views are influenced by the environment around us. Parents influence their children to have the same beliefs as them. Parents will unconsciously condition their child to socialize a certain way based on their own experiences. Some children are unaware of racism until they are exposed to racial discrimination or attacks by another person. Racial discrimination contributes to a person’s identity. Overtime, a person will change due to perception and experiences they face throughout their life. Racism is an important factor in how a child grows and develops into an adult. The events that occur during a person’s childhood will follow them forever. Rosa Parks once said, “Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and hopefully, we shall over come.” The poem “Black Boy play the Classics” by Toi Derricotte, is about African-American boys who play classical music in Penn Station. The author describes the boys who are playing classical music, in ratty clothes and sneakers. Classical music’s target audience is educated white people, but having three colored boys playing classical music by a white composer, proves that music doesn’t care about race and people shouldn 't either. Toi…

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