Racism And Prejudice And Racism Essay

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Until recently races were believed to have biological differences, however now people know that is no longer true. Unfortunately, people still judge others of different color by stereotyping them, which then leads to prejudice or racism. Racism starts out in every person 's’ head and depending on how they act on it can form a socioeconomic gap between races. Thus not allowing the same access to sports equipment or fields and causing certain sports to be dominated by a certain race since they do not have equal opportunities to well paid jobs.
Racism and Prejudice are both very similar and very different. The similarity between the two is that they both have opinions on race and/or religion that are different from their religion or race. The difference is that prejudice is formed from things other people tell people, therefore not formed through personal experience. “The second hand information we do receive has often been distorted, shaped by cultural stereotypes and left incomplete,” (Tatum 4), but as young children people do not realize the incompleteness of the information they were given until they are adults (Tatum). Meanwhile, racism is formed the same way but continues to evolve from personal experiences. Prejudice is just an opinion but racism is an opinion and also an action. If a black man robbed a white man’s house. This is a personal experience for the white man, so he develops his own opinion that all black men steal and therefore does not hire any black…

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