Racism And Its Effects On The Psychological And Physiological Health Of Minorities

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Racism has inundated this country since its inception and remains the greatest issues our society faces. The minorities of the American population have repeatedly been subjected to racism throughout history, despite the efforts of civil rights groups and political leaders. The views of minorities are constantly disregarded as a result of racial discrimination, which suppresses America progress and places the disfranchised in a position of disheartened dissatisfaction. One of the more destructive natures of racism is social inequality, but one must consider the adverse consequence racism has on an individual’s physical and mental well-being. Extensive racism has an adverse effect on the psychological and physiological health of minorities.
Fence by August Wilson, is a study of how racism and discrimination affect his emotional and physical being. Troy, the protagonist, his greatest love was baseball, but at that time, he was never allowed to play. "BONO: If he be like you in the sports . . . he’s gonna be all right. Ain’t but two men ever played baseball as good as you. (page ). This rejection of his talent cause Troy to become bitter and it shaped and mole his life. He based all his life experience on this issue and it affects his relationships with his wife, sons and friends. Racism related stress does not stop the moment it happens, but continues to infected and infested into the mindset of an individual. His entire life was
Research has shown that minorities…

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