Essay Racism And Anti Muslim Sentiment

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Islamophobia presents a major problem in the world today and needs to be addressed by researchers, politicians, and social activism. Following all levels of the ecological model can provide appropriate groundwork for a well rounded analysis for combating the effects of racism and anti-Muslim sentiment. Ranging from macrosystem, exosystem, mesosystem, microsystem, to the individual levels, the ecological approach systematic tackles the varying perspectives and contexts affecting discrimination. The macrosystem represents the overall ideologies and attitudes held by a society or culture, and are influenced by all of the other levels of the ecological model. Specific contexts to this level include socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and the level of industrialization of their country (Kloos, Hill, Thomas, Wandersman & Dalton, 2011). Because the other levels of the ecological model affect the macrostructural level, it is always evolving and changing with passing generations. Every society has its own set of unique conditions that allow for a distinct presentation of a culture and counter culture; this relationship is what has allowed for the progression in major areas of human and social rights around the globe.more here(ref). The exosystem is comprised of the various social settings an individual is, such as those reflected by family, neighbors, industry, social services, and mass media. It is important to note that this level is about the influence exerted by significant…

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