Racism Against African Americans

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Racism against black individuals demonstrates behavior involving actions of unlawful discrimination at work, universities, and other social environments which impact equal admission within the national public housing and access to public transportation. Till this day they continue to live under the idea of being separate and unequal contrarily to the whites. They have encountered being racially discriminated, they have been affected by acts having to do with physical violence, insults, and most importantly being stereotyped.
W.E.B Dubois wanted to indicate the necessity in behalf to africans, related to the union in order to be acknowledged. He uphold thoughts that white injustice was what regarded African Americans from quality pay at jobs.
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He trusted his ancestors to be disoriented when they were enslaved, which gave him the last name of the letter X. He was a consultant of the “Black Muslim faith”, allowing spiritual attributes and the jointly ideas of black power and nationalism to be all together. Malcolm X argued that the colored roots and self-identity were heavily clarified for them by the public, that the whites predominant there existence. He felt that all the white people couldn’t be trustworthy. On the other hand, he wanted his race to be appreciative of their birthright and be able to build a powerful nation. He supported African Americans to have a different government in order to find possible solutions to their living hardships. African Americans are often stereotyped because of their education level and their workplace which impacts them from growing into a higher social class. Stereotypes are used negatively against powerless people within a given society to impersonate inequality as a natural and expected behavior. They were often limited, and so it enabled them to be more than what they acquired to be but Malcolm X did everything in his power to give Africans the voice that was denied to …show more content…
His quote “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character,” intended to show the inequality between the different race and wanted to avoid this idea of criticism. Until equal opportunities are given amongst all groups of people freedom won’t exist. He wanted to eradicate racial discrimination to provide with a better nation for the new generation of young people. Martin Luther King Jr mentioned how back then humanity was discriminative and how there were restrictions set on africans. In the constitution they made unpromising laws, the rights given to American citizens was given to everyone but the colored, they disregarded them from the laws that was created. King visualized a change but some people didn’t agree with his ideas with lead to his death, he died a

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