Racial Violence Against African Americans Essay

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The Civil War should always be understood because it represents the struggle against white su-premacy. Although it granted the slaves freedom, its effects led to further racial violence against African Americans down the road. This makes for over three-hundred years of constant oppres-sion against people who withhold the black body. In this case, irony is used to show that even in the late 1900s, racism against black Americans still existed. Hence, it needs to be universally un-derstood that the post-Civil war still promoted white supremacy through sharecropping, segrega-tion, and the current social division between peoples in today’s society. After slavery was abolished, a sharecropping system was established shortly after. With this system, black families were able to own portions of land owned by whites, and work for their own living. This basically meant that getting a “lash” was replaced with “cash” (1), as Ed-ward Royce points out in The Origins of Southern Sharecropping. Even though owners were sub-ject to paying wages and refrained from beating employees, they still deducted large chunks of their employees’ earned land. Edward Royce criticizes the stigma that sharecropping benefitted the freed slaves in multiple instances. First, he discusses how some of the rules applied during this post-Civil War era were often bent by previous slave owners. In fact, a vast majority of Landowners forced laborers to sign a contract that allows them to resist laws of…

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