Racial Stereotypes In American Society

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Register to read the introduction… Images from these mediums constantly bombard American children with negative and unrealistic portrayals of African-American life or deny the existence of African-Americans in a “true” American society at all. The use of racial stereotyping is destructive to American society on two fronts. First it connotes to the majority population of America that the negative actions of a few minorities sum up the collective values of the whole minority community. For example, in urban America to be a mugger is synonymous with being African American or Hispanic. As a result of media images, the immediate image we accept as norm is that of whites being mugged by blacks and Hispanics. While of course, black and Hispanic men have mugged whites, to have this be a dominant image goes against many national and local crime statistics. Discussing racial imaging in the book Questioning the Media, Ash Corea explains “stereotypes seek to portray African-Americans as a “problem” in an otherwise harmonious …show more content…
These images, the coon, the tom, the mulatto and the mammy appear constantly in early cinema and continue to be used today in both cinema and television. Bogle described the five black pantheons as follows:

The Tom
Toms are always chased, harassed, hounded, flogged, enslaved, and insulted. They keep the faith never turn against their white masters and remain hearty, submissive, stoic, generous, selfless and oh-so-very kind. They endear themselves to white audiences as heroes of sorts.

The Coon
The coon developed in to the most blatantly degrading of all black stereotypes. The pure coon emerged as a no account nigger. Those unreliable, crazy, lazy, subhuman creatures good for nothing more than eating watermelons, stealing chickens, shooting craps or butchering the english language.

The Mammie
Mammie the third black type can be called a female coon. Mammy is distingused, however, by her sex and her fierce independence. She is usually big fat and cantankerous.

The Tragic

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