Essay on Racial Issues Of American History

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In Exploring American History by __________, racial issues are a reoccurring problem which divide the United States. When white people began buying and importing African Americans as slaves, a stark division was created between the two races. Racial issues have divided the nation and citizens of the United States more than any other issue, occurring multiple times throughout history and still being seen today. Slavery was regarded as an important component of the United States’ economy and a larger contributor to the production of goods, especially in the South, where plantations depended upon thousands of slaves to grow and harvest their crops and maintain their houses and grounds. Slave owners were dependent on this “free” labor for their income, and the slaves were dependent on the plantation owners to provide them with food and shelter. This beginning relationship between African Americans and whites set the standard for the events that followed throughout history. It is a hard beginning to get past, and one that presents itself through many horrific landmark events in black history. The nation was deeply divided on the issue of slavery, and the Civil War erupted as one of the most notable and bloodiest examples of the rift in our country over race. While many in the north viewed slaves as human beings, those in the South regarded them as property. The war divided the nation, pitting north against south and brother against brother. The war widened the gap between the…

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