Racial Inequality In The United States

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Racial equality in the United States has been a problem battled for years. White supremacist Daniel Malan is a firm believer that the white race is superior to all other races because of their lower rate of disease and health problems. However, Malan is incorrect, being more susceptible to certain diseases does not make you inferior. In this paper I will be arguing that the African American race is not inferior to the white race because of their susceptibility to health issues. African Americans and other minority groups are at a disadvantage socially and economically, this causes them not to seek the necessary health treatment and preventatives.

Malan is arguing that the white race is more superior to the African American race because of
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Through the original argument set forth by Malan, one can assume that he would agree with Gravlee and his evidence backing up the inequality claim. In all, cardiovascular disease accounts for the largest difference in mortality rates between the white and African American race, 34.0% which could be used in support of Malan’s claim.

Continuing, having a genetic disposition to a certain disease or having a certain medical condition does not make you inferior to someone who does not. There are many factors on why some races are more prone to certain illnesses and diseases. Socioeconomic status and social stress are the two largest. Racial inequality in the United States can be traced back hundreds of years. Abolishing slavery and the Civil Rights Movement took years to accomplish and yet America still has racial inequality in the work force and social force. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the African American unemployment rate is currently at 9.1% while the white race has an unemployment rate of 4.1%. This means African Americans are struggling to obtain jobs that bring in a steady income and health insurance. Not having health insurance and an income equates to not being able to go
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District 9 was a movie based on aliens coming down to Earth and the South African government taking in the creatures and placing them in slums where they were not allowed to leave and interact with everyday society. This movie parallels perfectly with the South African Apartheid of 1950 where they segregated the black race from the rest of society. This segregation created an environment in which the segregated people were more likely to suffer from diseases because of the lack of healthcare. This can be related to today’s society, “ghetto’s” and Section 8 housing separate the low income families from the middle/high. With low income means they cannot afford regular health care and compete for well-paying jobs reinforcing the social discrimination between races and socioeconomic

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