Racial Inequality And Its Effects On Society Essays

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There is no hiding that in modern society, individuals are not equal. They are criticized, neglected, and taken advantage of due to various factors such as race. Communities may say that inequality was abolished long ago, however, the truth is that inequality is still here. Leaders, assorted articles, and various events in recent history have come to prove this anti diverse world. They share their anger, their thoughts, and their fears of racial inequality, hoping that one day it will soon change however, it hasn’t. Massive amounts of citizens do not understand why we would STILL have something as negative as racism,but these forms of media are ways of trying to get that point across. They share their analyzation of racial inequality to the world, and are all trying to inform the world that the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, still exists.
Racism still exists.
There have been massive amounts of data for the subject of Racism, yet they are not addressed enough to spread in the United States. When people in America took the Implicit Association Test, results showed that “almost 90 percent of white people in America...show an inherent racial bias for white people versus black people” (Goyette) which creates red flags for a country that is supposed to be prideful of its diversity. The one question that this raises is why? Why is it that white people find people of the same race to be more appealing than African…

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