Racial Groups And Hispanic American Society Essay

2089 Words Mar 6th, 2016 9 Pages
American Society is one of the societies that have a large number of population diversity that have different racial groups, ethnicity, culture and background. Therefore, it is expected to have a large number of mixed-race marriages, but in reality, what would happen if two people from a different racial group, each from a single parents race, decided to cross the color line of their racial group and marry? What would happen if an Arab-American man decided to marry a Latino-American woman or vice versa? The result will be an Arab-Latino-American child who will has internal and external fights with different societies such as the American society, the Arab society, and Latino society all of his/her entire life to be accepted as a part of these societies. This biracial child will face borderism, which is a unique form of discrimination that a biracial or multiracial child face because the child’s parents crossed the color line of their racial group and attempted to get in a relationship with a different racial group( Dalmage 95). Each race tries to build his border, so he protects the power of his language and cultural norms from other races, which makes the idea of accepting biracial people is hard for most societies because biracial people are destroying and breaking these borders which mean destroying the great force that one race may practice over the others. Destroying the strength that one race may practice over the others create a problem with American society because…

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