Essay on Racial Formation And African Immigrants

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America has always symbolized the land of freedom and opportunity to many of the immigrants. Many came to America seeking for better jobs, better homes, and better lives. However, each group of immigrants struggled with racial formation as they faced all sorts of structural barriers and derogatory representations. Among the immigrants, Irish and Jews were two of the groups who successfully assimilated into the society relatively quickly. These two groups were able to improve their status from laboring class to middle class, and they were able to challenge the structural barriers and dispel the false representation of their race. Faced with famine and oppression, the Irish fled to America in search for freedom and equality; however, they did not find what they were looking for. Entering the country, the Irish men took up labor work as the women took up housework or factory work. The Irish community found themselves in the laboring class with working conditions similar to that of slavery. They were not welcomed with equality, instead they were faced with exploitation and discrimination. The Irish men were ordered to complete dangerous jobs, such as cleaning up a flood, that the slaveholders would not give to their slaves and the Irish women were confined to demanding domestic services and dangerous factory working conditions (Takaki 142-150). Due to the similarly in their social class, the Irish were subjected to similar representations as the African Americans; they were…

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