Race : Race And Racism Essay

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Race is an extremely important issue in the United States. Race and racism are subjects that are brought up during every presidential debate and they are also subjects that are constantly used when writing news articles. Before reading “Define Racism” I believed that racism was using preconceived notions about a group of people to make determinations about an individual who you believed was part of that particular race. Race, to me, was how people either classified themselves or how society classifies someone. Most of the changes in my views about race and racism came from watching Race: The Power of an Illusion and White People.
After watching these two documentaries and participating in a class discussion, I realized that I had never been exposed to diversity at any time in my life. I grew up in a small, white, rich town in southern New Hampshire. While in school, I believe, I knew 2 people from Indian descent, and maybe 2 people from Chinese descent. The rest of my town was white. I never realized that, like José Vargas said, most white people are raised in a town that is ¾ white. I think I now understand the emphasis placed on race in today’s society, especially when individuals are raised around people of the same race. Race seems to determine what an individual is capable of and the rights that they have. “Defining Racism” spoke about three levels of racism in today’s society: individual, institutional, and social. In my life, I feel that I am not a racist and do…

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