Race And Racism Within The U.s. Essay

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Race and Racism within the U.S.
When looking back at our country’s past, don’t you think we should have been able to learn from all of our mistakes and create a better future for society? Specifically, don’t you think we should have been able to learn from our struggle with racism? Throughout history, numerous acts of racism have left their mark on our country and have continued to deeply imprint on all of us through the years. Unfortunately, many things haven’t changed. While things like laws banning voting, having freedom of speech, and going to school together have been abolished, certain forms of racism are still lingering over our society today. Over the last hundreds of years, we have heard the cries from our fellow African Americans of America. We have heard them call for help. We have heard as a nation that they need us to change our ways and listen to them. We have heard that no matter who you are, all lives should matter. Everyone has heard it all, but we have made no changes. We are the change, and that change needs to happen now.

Dating back to the discovery of our nation, people have always discriminated one another into their own groups and categories. These discriminations were solely based on skin color and still are today. Our society has made it seem normal to separate each other based on skin color as well as make us believe in this man-made construct. When the original inhabitants of our country-the Native Americans- arrived in North America, we laid…

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