Race And Racism : Racism Essay

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Race and racism are concepts which everyone experiences daily. Immigrating to the united states was a choice my mother made when she was laid off from her teaching positing in Colombia. I was six when I arrived to the united states, but I had never really dealt with the matter of race before then. The concept of race is not as prominent in Colombia the biggest divider is social economic level. As a six year of living in Miami I don’t remember any racism directed towards me or my family. We relocated to Kentucky when I was around 8. Moving to the state gave me the opportunity to become aware of my race and the race of others.
When I migrated here I never thought of myself as different and I didn’t have any stereotypes about African Americans or white Americans. I become aware of my race in the transition from elementary school to middle school. As I filled out the forms to apply to Noe Middle school, I continuously noticed that I had to check the Hispanic/Latino but check white for race. Then the first day of middle school I was filled with nerves about everything and as I was sitting waiting for people to direct me a child about my age uttered “get away from me you Mexican.” I was confused at the insult since I knew I was not Mexican. That day I became hipper aware that I was different from both African Americans and white Americans, I didn’t fit in either of those categories due to my ethnicity.
Since we moved to century I have lived in diverse communities. I was able to…

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