Race, A Social, Political And Cultural Movement Essay

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The concept of race was introduced in science through the evolution of modern biology and its attempt to classify the animal world. Even though the concept of race was introduced in biology, over the course of the years, people started using the term race referring to a social concept rather than a scientific, biologic one. As such, the idea of racism has been discussed and has been part of history for multiple centuries now. Racism represents an ideological conquest that’s relatively recent. Racism, as an ideology and its institutionalization, was permitted by multiple factors. Firstly, the evolution and development of modern science, which through biology brought the idea of classifying human races into an evolutionary order, played a huge role into the development of this ideology, as it introduced the word race. Human beings were classified into categories and were given names based on morphological and geographical characteristics that they had. However, Robert Nisbet argues that the Enlightenment, as one of the most important social, political and cultural movement, constitutes the biggest factor that allowed the development of racism. The Enlightenment introduced the idea of enlightening the inferiors. This admits that there were differences between the people of a society and between people of different societies. Therefore, the advocates of the Enlightenment believed that they should receive “special treatment”. Racism, however, as a cultural movement, was a…

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