RFID Implants Advantages And Disadvantages

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John Doe is wheeled into the hospital unconscious, after being in a horrific accident. The doctors swipe the RFID chip reader over both his arms when they hear a beep, they rush to the computer and pull up Keith Austin’s medical records. Keith Austin isn’t real but this scenario could be, this program could alert doctors to allergies or other problems they have had in the past. Having this information could save Keith Austin from being give a medication he’s allergic to which could create more problems the doctors have to factor in or even kill him. This Technology is taking the world by storm already being distributed openly to the public in some countries and even being used in some establishments. The use of RFID chips would be a great Enhancement …show more content…
The RFID chip is “[a] medical-grade glass capsule . . . that transmits data” to a computer after being scanned by a chip reader ( Lewan). The capsule is injected with “ a four-millimeter-wide sterilized needle” and is injected in the arm between the elbow and shoulder. Anna Bahney interviewed an engineer who volunteered to be one of the few to have the Chip inserted already; Mr. Donelson stated “ The difference between a device resting in ones ear and inside their body is a pretty small step”, with the human society so dependent on technology this is just the next logical phase. Cellphones, flash drives, iPods, computers, and credit cards just to name a few, the list could go on forever. All these objects contain personal information creating “an information envelope around” an individual that could be accessed at any point (Bahney). The transformation from moving this information from someone’s pocket into their arm is kind of an inconsequential transition. According to Lewan an “[i]mplanted chip is guaranteed to be with you” unlike something that can be forgotten or removed like “a medical arm bracelet you can take off if you don’t like the way it looks”, which could be the difference between life and death(Lewan). A doctor can retrieve anyone’s medical information that has a chip just by simply scanning the implant and entering it into a database, because this information is stored on a database it is “continuously updated” to be the most accurate (Lewan). Though its medical breakthroughs carrying an individuals medical history is not this chips only feat. A couple clubs have decided to integrate this technology into their systems, in “ march 2004 . . . [the club] Baja Beach in Barcelona, Spain” became one of the first to implicate the RFID implant into the security systems, costumers with the RFID implants could now “Breeze past

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