Quiet, Susan Cain Breaks Down And The Intelligence, Power, And Leadership Qualities

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“I noticed that you have been quiet this whole time but do you have anything to say?” is a common question introverted people will come across many times in their life. In the book Quiet, Susan Cain breaks down and explains the intelligence, power, and leadership qualities that are hidden behind introverts. Cain also claims how many people in our modern Western society misunderstands and overestimates an introverted person and is more likely to value a person who is an extrovert because they are usually outgoing and outspeaking, which can be considered as an essential leadership traits. Cain being a graduate from Princeton University and earning a degree from from Harvard Law School, she effectively convinces her audience that the way our Western culture was built limits the introverts who can make a positive impact and contribution to our societies and how that can be changed by simply understanding introverts through the use of credible studies, cogent stories, and emotional appealing personal experiences.
To begin with, the book cover of Quiet can quickly grab a customer 's interest and attention by using a powerful red color to highlight the word “Quiet” in a grey dull background as to almost symbolize the hidden intelligent qualities of introverts. Inside the arc of the word “Q” Cain simply states “The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” This quote can grab anyone’s attention who underestimates introverts and introverts who wants reassurance of…

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