Questions The Name Five Bioethical Issues Of Concern In Today's Society

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Register to read the introduction… Name five bioethical issues of concern in today’s society.
Five bioethical issues are: first, what ethics should guide organ transplant? Second, what ethics should guide fetal tissue research? Third, do reproductive technologies offer hope to the childless, or are they unethical? Fourth, should animals ever b e used in research? Fifth, how ethical is generic research? Should the government regulate it? 11. What duties might a medical ethicist
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13. Written codes of ethics for health care practitioners
D. None of the above.

14. What Greek physician is known as the father of medicine?
A. Hippocrates.

15. Name the pledge for physicians that remain influential today.
C. Hippocratic oath.

16. What ethics code superseded earlier codes to become the definitive guide for a physician’s professional conduct?
B. Percival’s Medical Ethics.

17. Unethical behavior is always.
C. Unacceptable.

18. Unlawful acts are always.
C. Punishable by legal means.

19. Violation of a professional organization’s formalized code of ethics.
C. Can lead to expulsion from the organization.

20. Law is
A. The minimum standard necessary to keep society functioning smoothly.

21. Conviction of a crime
D. Can result in loss of license.

22. Sellers and manufactures can be held legally responsible for defective medical devices and products through what charges?
D. All of the above.

23. The basis for ethical conduct includes.
A. Ones morals.

24. What is bioethics concerned with?
C. The ethical implications of biological methods and results.

25. Critical skills include
B. First clearly defining a
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Confidential paperwork might be on the physician’s desk and we must prevent any incident in where the information could be leak.

28. Did LPNs in this scenario act ethically and responsibility? Explain your answers.
One of the nurses did. The second one that gave the information away of a patient acted unethical and unlawful. Patient information is a very delicate piece of information. The nurse should have instructed her to just see her practitioner and that should resolve the rash and if she would like they could have schedule an appointment right away with the physician in that office.

29. In your opinion, what responsibilities, if any, does a physician or other health care practitioner have toward difficult family members or other third parties who interfere with a patients medical care?
Any thing new is always scary and hard to fallow, but the physician must instruct the family member that as well as the daughter the physician is devoted to the well being of the patient and together can probably figure out something. Also explaining some of that information gather in the Internet could make it easier and proving some information like pamphlets of the actual diagnosis might open a whole new window to the

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