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Moodle Questions


In the fiim Whale Rider A family lost their mother and son, leaving a father with his daughter. The family had Patriarchy amongst them. The daughter was a disappointment to the grandfather. This young lady not knowing what she was born into struggled with being excepted due to her gender. Grandfather Koro needed a grandson to for fill the family 's honor. Their family needed a leader ( male figure) A chief to leave their people out of the bed. Paikea was the name given to this baby girl, which is the name of their ancestor. Paikea has been capable of doing anything she put her mind to. She could do everything for male peers would do maybe even better. She went against your grandfather Koro and learn the ways of the chief. Paikea was always told him reminded that she bought the bad upon her family. Grandfather Koro stated that ' ' When Paikea was born that 's when things went wrong for us ' '. Paikea 's gender made her useless a sense. Pai strived to gain her grandfather 's acceptance. Grandpa Koro did not see what he was doing to Pai. Is anger from losing a feature chief clouded his appreciation that you beautiful granddaughter was born. Grandpa Koro tall future chiefs how to become the leader and Pai an interest. Pai attended everything her grandfather did. Pai did everything better than all the boys she passed every single test with flying colors. The first time Pai did something a male could her grandfather told her to " never do it again it was…

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