Questions On Natural Religion By Philo Essay

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In Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion, Philo argues that the best and only method of giving someone a sense of religion, or an idea of it, one must use representations of man’s misery, and what he call wickedness. That exaggeration of past events, particularly those that involve some degree of pain and sorrow, are easy for man to relate to. Nevertheless, Cleanthes proceeds to argue that this is not the case, as he has not felt an abundant deal of anxious feelings. He then proceeds to describe God in human terms, what Philo calls anthropomorphism. Philo argues that this is impossible, as the God Christians believe in, is infinitely just and powerful. However, if God were omnipotent, it would be difficult for Christians to feel a connection to Him. Like Cleanthes, I cannot accept Philo’s argument, because if mankind is truly unhappy, despite the fact that an omnipotent God is there for, religion will cease to exist.
I have observed people from multiple sects of Christianity and found something all believers share in common – praying or praising God until they are breathless is, for them, an escape from their daily struggles, as it is a way of promoting the community’s well-being. Seldom have I seen religious leaders utilize fear mongering as a tool to scare people into believing in God, like Philo had previously claimed. Religion isn’t necessarily established in the base of fear but rather on
I, alike Cleanthes, have not felt as much miserable and anxious as Philo claims…

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