Questions On Leigh 's Writing Essay

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Question 1
Leigh started writing to Mr. Henshaw since he was in second grade. He kept writing to him year by year. Cleary helped me as a reader to understand how the knowledge and thoughts of children grow as they grow up. First, he was just as a little boy who wants to write to someone who he believes in and really loved. Maybe he felt motivated when writing to someone or pretended to. Then later as he grew up, he had the power to write without pretending he is writing to anyone and as he said, “‘I don’t have to pretend to write to Mr. Henshaw anymore. I have learned to say what I think on a piece of paper’ ” (Cleary 73)
When Leigh was writing letters to Mr. Henshaw, his writing was limited because he used to think that Mr. Henshaw would get bothered by his too many letters and knew that he was busy writing books, so he won’t have time to read all his letters. But then Mr. Henshaw gave him the idea of writing a diary, and that’s where he started improving his writing. He wrote almost every day to “pretend Mr. Henshaw.” His writing improved as he moved from grade level to the next, and later was one of the five winners of the Yong Writers’ Yearbook. ?
I think Cleary used letter writing and diary entries to convey the intellectual and emotional development of Leigh Botts because that’s where kids bring everything inside their hearts and brains out into writing. We as readers will understand the kids’ thoughts and feelings and how they develop as they grow older. A letter…

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