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Compare/Contrast Essay
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March 4th, 2016

Sentimentalism is a philosophical idea that our emotions provide a direct pathway to moral knowledge. A story written with sentimentalism, an important literary component that has a powerful yet emotional experience, usually in the form of sympathy. Indeed not every sentimentalism based story is identical to another, yet they usually correspond in some way.
Sentimental fiction revolves around the drama of moral regeneration. Two different stories that share multiple sentimentalism similarities are “The Luck of Roaring Camp” and “The Revolt of
Mother”. Both these great stories display signs
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The men of Roaring camp started showing a sign that people have never seen before, doing things that they would have never done,
“The cabin assigned to “Tommy Luck”—or “The

Luck,” as he was more frequently called—first showed signs of improvement. It was kept scrupulously clean and whitewashed. Then it was boarded, clothed, and papered.”
(Para. 16)
“The Revolt of Mother”,
Another story within Norton’s Anthology written by Mary E.
Wilkins is about a father who has been promising his wife for ages a new home for them and their kids. One day Father wakes up and decided to start building a barn and every time mother asks him about this barn he ignores her and goes on with his day. It seemed as if father had his mind made up when it came to this barn, so mother felt the need to take matters into her own hands. One morning mother woke up and decided she wasn’t taking this anymore; Mother made the decision to turn the brand new barn into a new home for her family. Mother told her kids the exact plan she had in her head and enabled them to help her move all the furniture and belongings into their new barn. The family did all this while father was out of town for his job.
When Father returned home his reaction was different than everyone expected.
“Adoniram was like a fortress whose walls had no active resistance, and went down the instant the right besieging tools were used. “Why, mother,” he said, hoarsely,

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