Queen Elizabeth I: The Greatest Queen Of King

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The Queen of Kings “I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too.” -Elizabeth I. Queen Elizabeth I was one of the greatest leaders England ever had. She was brilliant in her studies, and took a country that was not in great standings and held the crown as she built back her kingdom. Queen Elizabeth I was a brilliant Queen because of her education, however her out witting charm played a large role, ability of tolerance, and she knew who she was and who she was to her people, she was able to utilize her abilities and become a strong leader for her country. Queen Elizabeth I showed generous strength with her education, and for this she learned key …show more content…
It was assumed that one of the first things Elizabeth would do, would be to select a husband to help her govern the realm, and more importantly, to get her pregnant… In these early weeks of her reign, the court buzzed with suitors eager for her hand in marriage… Elizabeth was now the most sought after woman in Europe. She received offers of marriage from the King of Spain, Prince Erik of Sweden - soon to be king, The Archduke Charles (son of the Emperor Ferdinand), the son of John Frederic Duke of Saxony, The Earl of Arran, the Earl of Arundel, and Sir William Pickering… Elizabeth politely rejected the offer made by King Philip, but allowed the other suitors to remain hopeful, while allowing her advisors to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each match. Yet, the only person, it seemed, who did not see the urgency for marriage, was Elizabeth herself ” (“Marriage & Succession.”).
In trying to keep alliances and prevent war, Queen Elizabeth tempted several different men with marriage at the same time. She knew if she did not find some sort of agreement, England was going to go to war with these countries. The Queen needed to prevent war, because it was not in favor for a country on the verge of bankruptcy. Although she manipulated men and used her art of speaking to better and prevent war for her country, she was also tolerance for a ruler and had great
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The Queen presented, to become a leader one needs to be educated, and that impacted her personality more than anything. Being educated was something she learned to use to her advantage. She mastered the art of speaking at the finest schools, and utilized this talent to offer suggestions that would never happen. The Queen was a small woman but that never stopped her from owning who she was and overcoming all the criticism. All these qualities were exhibited in this amazing and extraordinary Queen, she showed England what it was like to be a perfect leader and more, she will forever go down in history as one of the most unique Queens of all

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