Elizabeth I Strengths

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The Queen of Kings “I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too.” -Elizabeth I. Queen Elizabeth I was one of the greatest leaders England ever had. She was brilliant in her studies, and took a country that was not in great standings and held the crown as she built back her kingdom. Queen Elizabeth I was a brilliant Queen because of her education, however her out witting charm played a large role, ability of tolerance, and she knew who she was and who she was to her people, she was able to utilize her abilities and become a strong leader for her country. Queen Elizabeth I showed generous strength with her education, and for this she learned key …show more content…
In general it was hard for a women to be respected because they were seen as weak and almost worthless. The Queen took the criticism and held her head high with no regrets. “Elizabeth 's advisers often expressed their frustration in the gendered, sometimes misogynistic language of their day. Thus, they would criticize the Queen 's feminine irresolution, female fickleness and womanly compassion towards papists and traitors. Nonetheless, their concern was more about what they saw as the Queen 's mistaken policies and refusal to listen to good sense than about the inappropriateness of a woman taking decisions. Until at least the mid-1580s their frustration was a measure of Elizabeth 's independence and their failure to persuade or browbeat her into following their own particular line of policy” (Doran). Most men saw the Queen as just a woman, and women are not smart. Queen Elizabeth was more than this, she was very intelligent. Men based her off the stereotype of women of England in that day. She conquered and acted that it simply did not matter. The Queen told her troops at the Battle of Tilbury, that just because she was a woman, it did not mean she was not their king and she did not need to be respected. She notified them she was their King in a different gender and needed to be treated like one, even if she was only 60 lbs (“Speech to the Troops at Tilbury”). She was not afraid of telling everyone how it was, she was fearless and did not take disrespect for a moment. However this shows she didn’t use execution methods, but instead she just warned them and did not resort to violence to get a point across, and had much tolerance to decide her

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