Essay about Quarterback Manning Is A Wonderful Leader

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When Peyton Manning was first drafted by the Colts 1998, no one knew what he would become. Would he struggle in the NFL or become one of the best quarterbacks to play the game? We now know he would go on to raise the bar of being one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Peyton Manning did not rise to the pinnacle of the game by himself, he utilized effective leadership to rally his team to many victories, including two super bowls. By demonstrating certain characteristics, he gained the trust and respect of his teammates along with others apart of the league.

If you ask many people both inside the NFL and out, everyone will state Peyton Manning is a wonderful leader. They express the qualities and skills he portrays and how Manning affected them personally. Though Manning has impacted the world in a unique way, there is one type of leadership style that resembles him more than others, a servant leader. From his want to put others first and empower them, to him growing others as servant leaders, Manning truly leads in ways that serve the greater good of his team, and our society. With all this being true, there are a few characteristics Manning exploits as a servant leader. His awareness of himself and others surrounding him, and accepting the role of a leader without any reservation (stewardship), are all characteristics Manning portrays as a servant leader.
Manning’s ability to be aware of things surrounding him is exceptionally remarkable.…

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