Quantum And Physics : Infinite Divisibility Essay

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Infinite divisibility has been a historically relevant theme in mathematics and philosophy. Before we had the tools to physically show the mathematical nature of the infinite, philosophers speculated on what happens when a space was divided into infinite parts. Parmenides and Zeno created theories, and paradoxes to prove that infinite divisibility was so significant that the universe is in a constant, unchanging state, and using that to show that motion cannot exist. Aristotle and other philosophers critiqued these ideas by defining various grammatical forms of the term infinity, in order to clarify what the paradoxes really mean and how it is best to talk about infinity. However, all three of them were proven wrong with the development of calculus and physics. These new theories were able to show that moving from one fixed point to another is possible despite having to pass through a potentially infinite number of points separating them. Some of the most important theories about infinite divisibility come from Zeno in his paradoxes. He wrote these paradoxes in defense of his teacher, Parmenides, by disproving motion and denying change. Parmenides believed that time was infinite, and therefore the past, present, and future all are existing simultaneously. This leads to the claim that change is an illusion, because existence is a oneness. Based on that, motion couldn’t exist because that would be a change. He believed this because change involves from going…

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