Essay on Quantitative Research : Qualitative Research

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Doing research can become confusing when one does not know where to start. Having a basis for understanding different kind of research helps with the beginning processes of any study. This paper we will be discussing the differences in Qualitative and Quantitative research and specifically what types of research is helpful for studies in education. Along with the definitions I will discuss what is a primary resource and the importance it has in research.

Bryman defines qualitative research as “a research strategy that usually emphasizes words rather than quantification in the collection and analysis of data (Bryman 2008a: 366)”
This explanation of qualitative research, is very direct, which makes it easy to understand. It compares it to quantitative research by pointing out the main difference between the two. While quantitative research focuses on numerical and statistical outcome, qualitative focuses on words from the subjects that are studies. Since qualitative research is answering a question by interacting and observing with what is causing you to ask that question, the best research tool according to Sharan Merriam in her book Qualitative Research: A Guide to Design and Implementation are humans. “Humans are best suited for this task, especially because interviewing, observing, and analyzing are activities central to qualitative research.” (Merriam p. 2)

Most authors recommend to read excerpts of case studies to gain a better understanding of how qualitative…

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