Essay Qualities of a Strong Teenage Girl

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Qualities of a Strong Teenage Girl

Being a teenage girl, I know what it is like to be let down, put down, and feel completely alone. But I also know what it takes to get back up, be courageous, and fight. One quality a teenage girl must have is courage. Courage to stand up for yourself and others. To succeed, a teenage girl must have smarts. Street smarts as well as book smarts are important. However, one quality that most teenage girls have is a carelessly open heart; letting anyone in that tries. These qualities of a teenage girl may lead her to heartbreak and emotional struggles, but overall can contribute to a successful life. The first quality an adolescent girl must have to succeed, is courage. One reason for this quality is
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In order for teenagers to earn more money in the real world, they have to have to be educated. Another reason intelligence is important for teenagers is to develop common sense and problem solving skills. They need this in order to stay alert and tuned into their surroundings wherever they are--at school or the mall, on the street, waiting for a bus or subway, or driving. With this quality, they send the message of calmness, confidence, and purpose. One more reason teenage girls must have intelligence is to sense and respond to the feelings others. When I know someone is mad or having a bad day, I may not mention it to them. I may try and make them feel happier with a kind comment or gesture. Teenage girls need to have the intelligence to realize when to address an issue and when to allow the moment to pass unaddressed. These personal approaches take sensitivity and intelligence, which is another key factor to being a successful teenager as well as adult. Another quality a teenage girl has that may lead to emotional difficulties is when she exposes her vulnerabilities through her carelessly open heart. This may happen when a girl finds herself attached and makes a one-sidedly commitment to someone else. I have a friend who falls in love and commits herself whole heartedly with any boy willing to show her attention. Doing this, she sets herself up for heartbreak. Many teenage girls feel they need to give more of themselves than they

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