Qualitative Audience Reception Analysis : The Methods Of Interviewing And Participant Observation

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Statement of Research Focus:

In this assignment, I will develop and conduct a qualitative audience reception analysis investigating the methods of interviewing and participant observation. I conducted an open-ended interview exploring individual meaning making practices related to consuming Twitter. Through the open-ended interview with my friend Greg Wagner, I attempted to gain information about how he understands and makes meaning out of a particular media platform. The focus of my research and interview questions was to explore the unique way Greg uses and understands Twitter and what enjoyment he gets from the platform. Having been friends with Greg prior to the interview, I had an awareness of his social media usage and had been curious as to why he preferred Twitter to other platforms. In my research, I study Greg’s reception, interpretation and usage of Twitter on a daily basis.
This line of questioning referenced the course reading "Encoding/ Decoding" by Paul Jones and David Holmes. From the reading, I learned that a media product or platform has the potential of being read in different ways. That intended messages sent by encoders are then decoded by the receiver according to his or her own ideas and views. This course theory is relevant to my research because Greg could take one three positions - dominant-hegemonic, negotiated or oppositional – in regards to a media platform. In my opinion, the theory on audience reception is worthy of being studied because…

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