Qualitative And Qualitative Research Methods Essay

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There are a number of research methods used in sociology; the various forms of research methods include surveys, ethnomethodology, experiments and documentary research. The research methods collect either quantitative or qualitative data. Quantitative methods intend to measure social phenomena by using mathematical methods and statistical analysis. On the other hand, qualitative methods mean to collect rich, detailed data, allowing for an in-depth understanding of an individual action within the context of social life.

“It is often assumed that quantitative approaches draw on positivist ontologies whereas qualitative approaches are more associated with interpretive and critical paradigms. A further assumption is that some critical approaches to research, such as feminism, only use qualitative approaches. In addition, quantitative and qualitative approaches are strongly associated with objectivity (quantitative) and subjectivity (qualitative)”.

Quantitative research methods include surveys such as standardized/self-completion questionnaires. Researchers can deliver questionnaires in a range of ways, including, by post, through email, or collected on the spot. With standardized questionnaires the questions are closed-ended and pre-set; this means the respondents have a limited choice of answers - for example, yes/no/maybe. An advantage of questionnaires is that they are a quick and cheap way to gather quantitative data as the response from the data is from a large number…

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